Alexander Aizenshtat aims to undermine the apathy of the viewer to himself and to the world around him.
Through figurative and abstract paintings, with a rigid but empathic line, while using allegories and poignant
parables, Aizenshtat confronts us with an honest image of a man and a world. Aizenshtat was born in Moscow in 1951, then moved to Israel in 1974. Nowadays he resides and works in Israel and in Austria.

The work of Aizenshtat includes paintings and paper drawings. The drawing work of Aizenshtat is not a preparation nor a supplement to his paintings but a work that claims it’s own recognition. Through a simplistic approach he creates in his drawings a pure, perforating and unambiguous prospect. With a dominant contrast, sophisticated line and a stable composition, Aizenshtat reveals another layer of his creation. In the abstract work a continuous process of construction and repair is reflected and a new but known style is revealed for it is impossible to separate the different styles of Aizenshtat.

Aizenshtat aims to bring up in his work a question, criticism and a world view, constantly striving for a new, updated language of his own.