Aktion T4

In 2020 Alexander Aizenshtat created a series of artworks “Aktion T4”. Aizenshtat’s series is the result of a sustained artistic reflection on the Nazi extermination project of the same name that specifically targeted such population groups in order to preserve the purity of the Aryan race. Officially, this so-called “Cleansing” was carried out from 1939–1941, but in reality it continued well into 1945 and claimed the lives of appoximately 300,000 innocent victims deemed unfit for rehabilitation by the Nazis who saw them as an economic burden and, therefore, an obstacle to be eliminated in...

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The Philosophers and the Fish   2017  150x250cm   59x98in   Oil, canvas

The Spectrum of the Soul

To make serious and lasting art – art that refracts the world back to people in some meaningful way, and that illuminates human nature with sympathy and insight – it is not necessary to be a religious believer but it is necessary to have some sort of larger system of belief, a larger structure of continuity that permits works of art to speak across time. -Michael J. Lewis And what if the art maker, Alexander Aizenshtat, is a religious believer?  Would that impact how serious and lasting his art is? Will the inner journey of his soul affect the art he makes and deepen our experience? (contemporary...

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The Bus   2018   150x250cm   59x98in   Oil, Canvas

About Alexander Aizenshtat’ art

What is kept in our memory? The bitterness of being or the joy of expecting a miracle? The fact that such kind of questions are asked mean that the artist putting them by his creations, has fulfilled his potential. His pictures and paintings will be remembered. And this is obviously very important. However we need to understand why that happened. To understand, looking at the works. Let them speak to us. Speak with their forms, colors, images. It’s easy to notice, that colors, not bright by their nature, nevertheless possess a great force of emotional impact. As if they are...

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Alexander Aizenshtat: An artist’s way

Moscow born and bred, Alexandre Aizenshtat was occupied in arts consistently only in his childhood and youth. He apprenticed with famous aquarellist and painter S.P. Skoulskiy, he lived in the very heart of old Moscow. It is important to note, that the Skoulskiy’s creativity was linked with the big art tradition of the masters of “Jack of Diamonds” (the group founded in 1910) and with an apprenticeship with Robert Falk, representing this group. Besides, the young painter discovered the world of new and unusual for Soviet spectator art in the renowned halls of Pushkin’s Museum...

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Aizenshtat in Eisenstadt

Alexander Aizenshtat visited Senior Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt for unveiling of the renovated grave stone and Kaddish in memory of Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt. Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt is considered one of the greatest scholars and rabbis of his time. He made his entry in Eisenstadt on Friday, December 3, 1717th.

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Exhibition at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow

A selection of Alexander Aizenshtat artworks were presented at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. Curated by legendary Irina Antonova (President of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts) and Andrey Tolstoy (née Tolstoy, Director of the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts (RAKh).

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Irina Antonova visiting Alexander Aizenshtat Studio (1)

Irina Antonova visiting Alexander Aizenshtat Studio

Irina Antonova (President of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts) visited Alexander Aizenshtat Studio in Moscow. “Aizenshtat is an absolutely unique and huge phenomenon for me, he’s obviously an outstanding artist. […] In the history of world art, every stage had prominent artists, who cannot be compared,” Irina Antonova says. “Alexander Aizenshtat does not follow somebody’s school, but creates a world of his own.”   

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